Main features

The ReUseCase is a tool for gathering requirements, creating business analysis and functional design documents. It focuses on the project requirements, use cases and creating standard documentation of them to be used by requirement owners, analysts and technical solution providers.

Here is the overview of important or interesting features of the ReUseCase. The full list of product features can be found here.

Rich Entity Type Support (requirement, use case, message, test case ...)

You can create, update, delete the most important entities for a business project.

Some of the entities that you can manage with ReUseCase are below:

Reuse your entites

One of the most important features of the application is that it supports reusability of requirements, use cases etc.

One or more entity definitions created by users can easily be transferred to other projects open in application.

One application for all projects

One application for all of the projects you are involved in. Multiple projects can be opened at a time.

Handling of projects and entities is very easy in the project entity tree. Order of projects, entities and entity groups in tree can also be changed easily so that related entities can be grouped for higher clearance.

The user has several options available to add the projects and entities to the tree.

Track changes

Another important feature which is especially important for projects contains more than one analyst/designer is tracking changes.
Changes in every entity is logged and can be seen easily.

User can find

Customized & flexible reference entities

In different companies, even among the users of the same company, users need to be able to create their own types or variables. ReUseCase supports new reference-entity usages of the entities below.

For example, if a user involves in a "DWH related project", an "ETL Requirement" type can be added into existing requirement types and can easily choose that type while defining the related requirements.

Relation management among entities

ReUseCase is very strong in managing relations between main entities.

Some of the relations below(bidirectional) can be managed in a project:

For example, a user can easily see all the use cases or attachments of a requirement by using relations.

Automatic test case generation & Export as xlsx files

Test cases are automatically generated with a single menu item click. For every requirement, every use case success/failure result, every use case trigger, every message used in a use case, a test case entry can be generated automatically.

In addition to automatic generation, test case statuses can be tracked in application and can be exported to an MS Excel(xlsx) file easily.

Instant status report

ReUseCase contains a project status page to show the status of an analysis task instantly.

These reports not only allows users to track their situation closely but also management can be done effectively.

The report contains information about;

Standard or customized output (Documentation)

As it can be expected, the product provides document generation feature.

Users easily generate a result document of their precious works in html5 format for flexibility.

Documents formats can be customized by simply changing a css file.

Entity group selection to be added into result document is possible. For example, users can generate document only for use cases or requirements of the project.

Modern look and feel

An important factor when working with the product is certainly the appearance and ergonomics of the user interface. ReUseCase uses advanced control features, is very variable in layout and visibility settings of the elements and last but not least allows you to work with multiple topics (as well as other data and lists) in tabs .

Multilanguage support

ReUseCase supports multilanguage. For the time being, only English and Turkish language selection is available in application. But, she will be able to be used many other languages in the future. Actually, the demand for the application from countries will be important for other languages support.