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The ReUseCase is a software tool for gathering requests, requirements, creating business analysis and functional design documents with relationships among them. It focuses on the requests, requirements, use cases and creating standard documentation of them to be used by requirement owners, analysts, technical solution providers and developers. For the main features of ReUseCase, please see Main Features page.

The ReUseCase application works natively on Windows systems, provides standard interfaces for data input and allows to publish resulting documents.

The ReUseCase is designed especially for business analysts, technical analysts, functional designers, requirement owners of projects, software developers and test specialists who are the part of a software project. ReUseCase will be useful for every type of business tasks which contains requirement gathering or use case preparation.

ReUseCase's user-friendly environment makes creating and tracking project requirements very easy for novice users also.

The ReUseCase is a licensed application and requires a registration key. Read the License agreement for more informations.

What's new?

The ReUseCase v1.2.3.0 contains some improvements and traceability matrix feature.

The most important change in this release is that users can generate traceability matrix for their entities in documents.

See the change history in change log.

Getting started ...

Tutorials & examples

* ReUseCase is prepared by Ercan Eker. For latest news visit http://news.reusecase.com.

** ReUseCase will be the first product of a startup company which is currently in progress. Thank you for your support by using ReUseCase.

*** ReUseCase is the registered trademark of Ercan Eker.